Review? Peter Pan



What is it about?

Peter Pan is the story of a boy who never grows up. The film begins with the Darling children parents being late for a party. They become annoyed about the stories their eldest daughter, Wendy has been telling her brothers about Pan and pirates. Declaring they must start to grow up and leaving in a rush, the children are distraught. Peter plays them a visit with his pixie, Tinkerbell and whisks them away to Neverland.  The terrifying Hook is on the lookout for Peter, aching for revenge over his lost hand and is hunted by a tickling crocodile.  When they return, Tink full of jealousy over Wendy order the lost boys to shot down her. Peter banishes her and the boys run off to find the island’s Indians.  Meanwhile, Peter takes Wendy to see the mermaids and see Smee and Hook have captured the chief’s daughter, Tiger Lily. Rescuing her, Pan is honored. Hook takes advantage of Tink’s jealousy and tricks her into revealing the location of Pan’s hideout. As the Darling children grow homesick, they request to go home, wishing to take all of them back with them. Afraid of growing up, he refuses and they leave only to be captured.  Hook leaves a bomb but Tink learns of the plan and rescues Pan. They go and rescue the children with Pan combatting Hook, defeating him and flying the ship home.  They are later found by their parents and have softened slightly about them growing up.


Peter Pan is an innocent and simple film. It has a nice nature storyline that flows easily and the pacing is good. There is not one single dull moment and there are enough entertaining capturing characters for everybody. However, in saying this, I don’t really like Peter Pan. I have seen the source material adapted way better than this with deeper messages and a real transformation in all the characters. The film is too basic and too short to really touch upon any of those key moments. When it does, it feels too fake. I don’t like Tink – she is unsympathetic character and so is Pan. They are all a little too cliché and I am tainted by other adaptions to truly enjoy this film. It has one song you remember and the rest is a bit bland. The art style and animation is crisp and beautiful but everything else is a bore. This film doesn’t really stick out for me and I find myself always a little bored by the amazing adventure. There is no real thrills or laughs. It’s a very average movie.

The weird things

  • The Indian’s portrayal – Oh I realise that Disney has commit the race related stereotypes before but this film they are so obvious and so in your face. The boys want to hunt them like wild animals. They speak/sing of themselves in a somewhat detrimental way. They are very much stereotypes and the vibe that the film gives you is that they are somehow wild and unruly and that Pan is a legend for surviving on an island with them.
  • Just follow a stranger to somewhere and you’ll be fine – Yep.

Lessons Learned

  • Let your children have a childhood – I feel while it would be easy to say “it is all about growing up” – it’s not that simple. Yes, the Darling children do grow up in the way they don’t want to play pretend forever, or live in Neverland away from their parents. But the parents also realise that they are children and they should share stories, have fun and be children. It’s embracing both taking responsibility as a child but also knowing that it is okay to have fun and live in an ideal world.
  • Revenge never pays and don’t let it consume you – Both Hook and Tink go through a similar arch, with only Tink being able to get pass it. Hook is consumed by his revenge and jealousy so much he lost a hand. Tink was consumed by her jealousy that she lost her friend, betrayed him and almost killed him. She had to sacrifice her own life to try and make amends. This teaches that jealousy and vengeance are consuming habits that you will make sacrifices for.

Fun Facts:

  • Based on the play by J.M Barrie
  • The final film to be released through RKO before Walt Disney founded Buena Vista.
  • Originally intended to be the second film after Snow White but he couldn’t get the rights.
  • Peter Pan has been seen as racist due to its portrayal of Native Americans. They are displayed as wild, savage, violent and speak in a stereotypical fashion. The boys try to even hunt them as wild animals.  However, these stereotypes also present in the play.
  • Earned $7 million against its $4millon dollar budget.


  • Movie will be kept in DVD collection
  • 3/10 for personal enjoyment
  • 5/10 for overall era

Review? Alice in Wonderland



What is it about?

Alice In Wonderland follows the story of a girl who follows a rushing rabbit down a rabbit hole and embarks on a one-of-a-kind adventure.  Accompanying her sister to the riverbank, Alice is bored by lessons and becomes distracted by a white rabbit. Curious, she follows it down a hole and ends up in a room, watching the rabbit disappear behind a tiny door. She is advised to shrink and drinks from a bottle. Unfortunately shrinking too small, she eats a biscuit and becomes too large. Upset and drinking the bottle again, Alice is swept through the door by her tears.  Alice sets on her way to find the rabbit and crosses the paths of Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Told a cautionary tale, Alice leaves and comes across the rabbit’s house. He mistakes her for the housemaid and sends Alice to retrieve his gloves. However unable to resist, she eats another cookie and grows too large for the house. They try to burn down the house to get rid of Alice but she escapes and becomes distressed about her tiny stature.  Alice meets a caterpillar who advises her to eat either side of a mushroom and she returns back to normal to continue her journey. In the woods, she meets a Cheshire Cat who advises her to visit the Mad Hatter.  Arriving, the Mad Hatter and his friends are celebrating an unbirthday. The rabbit shows up and has his watch destroyed. Fed up with the nonsense, Alice tries to go home but is lost. Following the advice of the Cheshire Cat again, she takes the shortcut to the Queen’s castle.  Alice meets the Queen who beheads playing cards for planting the wrong type of roses and plays a game of croquet.  After the Cheshire cat plays a trick on the Queen, Alice is arrested and put on trial. Chaos ensues during the trial until Alice grows big again, insulting the Queen.  They order her execution and she flees, finally stumbling upon the door from the beginning at the movie. She realizes she has been sleeping this entire time, wakes up and leaves to go home for tea.


Alice is a strange movie. It is no surprise that people who participate in illegal substance use like this film. It is bright, colourful and has no consistency from scene to scene. I struggle to watch this movie. It is so clunky, suffering from pacing issues and jumping around with no real plot. You are stuck with a bland character enduring the insanity. The biggest problem for this movie is there is too many going on all the time.  You can barely digest one scene before you are onto the next bit. This means all the characters suffer from extreme traits. The rabbit is always rushing – does he do anything else? The Mad Hatter is just mad and annoying. The Queen is just boisterous and loud. Alice is just curious. I find that I lack sympathy for her character and I don’t particularly relate to her journey. To me, there is no real take away mess other than don’t mess with that you don’t know what will do.  This film is a bright, loud and colourful trip that makes little sense. There is no plot holding the remnants of each scene together.  One scene to another don’t really fit together to tell anything of importance and this hurts the film. I said I struggle because this movie is such an overload to the sensory, you can’t latch onto anything.  As a person who hasn’t read the tales but seen various attempts of the material – this is not the best adaption. It adds no strengths to the characters, their arches or the stories morals. The best thing about this film is in the style it is animated. Without all these graphic visuals, detailed in a bold style, there wouldn’t be anything about Alice to remain in the imagination…maybe except the headache.

The weird things

  • Just eat the random food. Just drink the random liquid. It’s fine, you’ll be good! Ha, the “subtle” hits at drug use in this movie is rampant. While I’m not saying that is the intention of the novel. The whole “just eat whatever a stranger tells you” is not a great message to be teaching your kinds.

Lessons Learned

  • Be curious – Curiosity while not necessarily being represented in a great way in this film is a good thing. Be curious and obtain a certain joy/wonder about the world. Question things and be ready to explore. Take a new path.
  • Be Careful about the advice of strangers and their goods – Alice is often given misleading advice and items that both help and hinder her. She has to use her wits to try and get the right result from the tools handed to her. This means you won’t always be given the exact answer but if you use your skills, you get an answer you need.

Fun Facts

  • Based on the Alice books written by Lewis Carroll
  • Walt Disney initially tried to make Alice into an animated film during the 1930s
  • Alice was originally intended to be a live action/animated film
  • The creative direction of the film was criticised by Carrol, literary and British film fans for “americanizing” the work.
  • Earned 2.4million at the US box office during initial release
  • Disney felt the film failed because there was no warmth in Alice’s character.
  • During the late 1960s – early 1970s, the film rediscovered popularity due to the association of Carrol’s work with the drug culture.


  • Movie will be kept in DVD collection
  • 3/10 for personal enjoyment
  • 5/10 for overall era

Review? Cinderella



What is it about?

The second princess outing from the Walt Disney Company. Cinderella is the story of a kind and resilient woman under the care of her stepmother, after her parents have passed.  Her stepmother, Lady Tremaine cares for her own children’s prospects more than Cinderella’s and forces her to work as a scullery maid. Despite this, Cinderella is gentle and friends to all mice and birds. One day, the castle announces a grand  ball will be taking place for the Prince and all the eligible maidens can attend. Cinderella is excited that she will be allowed to attend as long as she can make a dress and finish all her chores. Unable to, her  mice friends finish her dress and surprise Cinderella. Enraged with her success, her step-sisters tore her dresses to shreds and go off to attend the ball. In tears, Cinderella goes into the garden and her Fairy Godmother appears, granting her wishes on the condition it disappears at midnight. Meanwhile, at the ball, the Prince rejects all girls until seeing Cinderella and dances with her. They fall in love and are about to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. She flees, leaving only her glass slipper.  The King pleased that his son wishes to marry the mysterious girl sends out a proclamation that every girl will try on the slipper.  Lady Tremaine is suspicious of Cinderella after she hums the song at the ball and locks her up in attempts to keep her from marrying the Prince. Her mouse friends steal the keys and break Cinderella free.  She asks to try the slipper but her stepmother breaks it. However, Cinderella presents the other slipper and it fits, leading the Prince and her to get married.


Cinderella is a charming and enchanting fairy-tale that improves in areas where Snow White lacked, but still has some shallow plot points. This film could be so easily boring up until the catalyst point where the ball happens. However, it is not. We get a lot of sweet and cute moments in the beginning of this movie. It does well to establish Cinder’s caring and kind personality while establishing clearly her relationships with her sisters and mother. While her step-mother lacks motive unlike the Evil Queen, it builds a good dynamic and makes you see the clear lines of evil/good in the movie. In saying this, we build and build to the ball and when it happens, it is short lived. Not only in the romance is this movie quick but so is a lot of the ball. We barely get a couple of verses of “so this is love” before midnight happens. Cinderella does well in its side characters and gives a lot of personality to both the mice and the cat. This makes it light and adds a tone of humour to the film.

It is important to note while Cinderella dreams of better life and maybe romance, when she wants to go to the ball – it is not with the intention of being with the prince. I like this idea because it makes the character feel more independent and strong over Snow White’s characteristics. Despite her life and boundaries, she is hopeful she can attend and she wants attend because she wants to go to the party.  Therefore the romance is the film suffers and feels more like an addition on at the last moment, then a real plot point of the story. In a modern retelling it would be almost more interesting if she didn’t get with anyone and decide to have independence. However, her marrying the prince and getting out of her stepmother’s shadow is sort of that concept. It is worth remembering there were times in history where a woman being married off was a form of independence or ownership or trade. Depends on how you want to look at it.

I love the mice characters and the cat. Their rivalry is more solid than the hatred from Lady Tremaine. We lack so much understanding of her motives that it makes difficult to see why she does what she does. We can say she favoured her own children or she was jealous of Cinder’s beauty but we never really get a solid reasoning. This makes Lady Tremaine actions feel vindictive without purpose which doesn’t make her frightening but more weaken. It seems, to me, she is almost too easy to overcome and she doesn’t really pose  much adversity.

The Weird Things

  • I see her, I dance with her and I am often to marry her – The whole relationship with the prince and her is shallow. I can only assume it was her beauty that got him intrigued and their whole marrying immediately is not only rushed but so obscure. He barely knows anything about her. This is not that different from Snow White but is definitely less creepy.
  • Why does she even have a Fairy Godmother? Seriously who knows why. You can say it is due to her kindness and life of misery…but I’m so confused as into why this exist. The whole story is non-magical until this point and is really out of context.
  • Cinderella is kinda of lazy – she gets all her friends to help with her chores…and mice can’t sow, but we wish we lived this kind of fantasy.

Lessons Learned

  • Be kind and caring to all; it will earn you help in the end. Cinderella’s kindness to creatures and in general not only gets her dress made but a fairy godmother.
  • When you want something – try to get it. Cinderella works to attend the ball. She does all her chores. She is courageous to ask for it and she is fearless.

My Last Thoughts

I feel that Cinderella exudes courage, independence and kindness. I particularly like the fact she never really, well to me, seemed like she was after the prince and more wanting to just attend the ball. It’s a real moment of bravery and shows the character had independence to ask for what she wanted, work for it and try and get it.  I also can remember at least two songs from this film and the soundtrack is more impressible.

Fun Facts

  • During World War 2, Walt Disney’s company was $4 million in debt and on the verge  of bankruptcy.
  • Considered to be one of the best American animated films ever made, as selected by the American Film Institute
  • Received three Academy Award nominations.
  • There is a 2015 live action remake starring Lily Collins, directed by Kenneth Branagh


  • Movie will be kept in DVD collection
  • 7/10 for personal enjoyment
  • 7.5/ 10 for overall era

Review? 1950s – 1967s Disney Classics

The Movies

What Can You Expect?

  • A Post on Each Movie
  • A Summary About The Movie
  • Opinions
  • Fun Facts About the Production, Success and Influence
  • A Ranking out of 10 on How Much I Enjoyed It.
  • A Ranking out of 10 on How It Fairs against other Disney Movies from the     same era.


  • At the end of every Era, a list of My Favourites and Less Favourites.
  • Table of Ratings.

Review? 1930s – 1949s Disney Classics…The Winners, The Losers and Final Thoughts.

Thoughts on this period…of Disney History

I have to commend the level of art that was really developed during this time. Some of the films produced had such a high level of storytelling and artistic flair that they were truly ground-breaking. Nothing like Fantasia had been done before and I don’t believe anything that good could be achieved again. Fantasia is of its era and timeless. Walt Disney had belief with the direction of what he wanted to achieve. The fact the man was willing to mortgage his house says a lot to me. The fact the company survived the Second War through making packaged films just to keep their animation department alive is resilience!  The level of animation achieved by the artists blows my mind every time. The fact they would film most of the movies in life action and recreate it all through hand drawing. The level of commitment to getting realistic animals for Bambi. This level of devotion to creating timeless films and beautiful scenes is amazing. The fact is whether you hate or love them, they were brave and their films especially Snow White doesn’t feel like an 80-year-old movie. Yes, think about that. Snow White is old and yet its core carries through generations. That scene is Fantasia with Mickey Mouse will be iconic now and for another 50 years. Every generation will cry when Bambi’s mother dies. Without this era, we wouldn’t have the rest. They created some brave movie strives and some timeless pieces. All of these movies whether I like them or not, will each mean something to someone and the legacy of them are untouchable. This era, for me show the drive and passion Walt had for the ideas. The fact he took loss and loss for Pinocchio and Fantasia but still continue. The fact he had lost animators to the war and yet continue to be financially viable for Cinderella and Peter Pan. I respect this era for Disney a lot because it was the beginning and it wasn’t an easy beginning. Today, we know Disney is a powerhouse but I think it shows in this era – that Disney always make the decision to be a powerhouse, to fight and take risks and make magic.

The Scores

SNOW WHITE 6.5 / 10 7/10
PINOCCHIO 7/10 8.5/10
FANTASIA 4.5/10 7/10
DUMBO 8.5/10 7/10
BAMBI 9/10 9.5/10
SALUDOS AMIGOS 5/10 5.5/10
MAKE MINE MUSIC 4/10 4.5/10
MELODY TIME 4/10 4.5/10

How Did They Die…. By Falling?!

  • The Evil Queen; whose hillside was struck by lightning – Snow White
  • Willie the Giant; whose beanstalk was cut down – Fun and Fancy Free
  • Lumpjaw; who was swept over a waterfall – Fun and Fancy Free

My Favourites of the Era

But Lesh…. we would already know? Oh, you think you know…too bad!


3.Snow White….

Oh, you thought it would be Pinocchio because I ranked it higher for my personal enjoyment level? Well, this is how I roll. I can like some movies more than others but overall, I flip the table and decide this is how I really like movies. Snow is third because while it is not better than Pinocchio – it has the heart for me. It is my first princess movie. It’s everybody first princess movie. It tells us that grumpy people have soft gooey centres and hey, if there is a girl in the forest maybe dead, she is the love of your life so go kiss her…. ha, nah scratch that.



You probably guess this and you are correct. I love all things with a truly sad story and dorky ears hence my partner.

And my favourite of this ERA….



Bambi is a flawless movie; you want to hate it, you remember it being way too long as a kid and you emotionally die every time something happened on screen. For such a movie about nothing, it has a lot to reflect.

My Less Favourites of the Era

I am going straight for the jugular here.


The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

Oh, you tried too hard movie and you left me bored.

The Best of The Era

Now, this is a little different. These are awarded to the films that I think were the best of this era for Disney. You might think you know, but you don’t!




2.Snow White

And the best movie from this Disney’s Era. The film I think is their best.




Oh, I know I confused you with all the hate and sleep this movie gives me. But Fantasia is one of a kind. They tried to do it not once, not twice but three times and nothing recaptured the magic that is Fantasia. They created a new sound system just for this movie. It was so expensive just to get this movie to play in the way they envisioned it. It makes kids sit through an hour of classic music and damn right, love it. Props to Fantasia.

Review? The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad



What Is It About?

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad are based on two segments. The first is the story The Wind in Willows featuring a wealthy toad. He has gone to the brink of bankruptcy and has his friend badger to have as a bookkeeper.  Toad has recently taken up the pleasure of recklessly driving through the countryside on horse and cart. His friends try to convince him to no avail and Toad falls in love with a motorcar.  To cure him of his mania, his friend put him under house arrest which he escapes, steals a car and is prosecuted with theft. Representing himself, he calls up witness before being betrayed and found guilty. His friend helps him escape and discover the betrayer was working with the original thefts of the car, taking over Toad’s property. Toad and his friends steal the documents and prove his innocence. The second is the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  We met Ichabod Crane, a superstitious dandy arriving in Sleepy Hollow to become the new schoolmaster. His charming nature catches the attention of the village’s woman and the town’s hero bullies him. Ichabod soon becomes interested in Katrina (mostly for her family’s wealth) and competes with the town hero for her heart.  However, Katrina is using Ichabod to make Brom try harder for her affections.  Trying to throw Ichabod off his game, Brom tells the story of the headless horseman who travels every Halloween searching for a head. Ichabod being superstitious is immediately convinced. On his way home from the party, Ichabod is afraid at every noise and discovers upon the Headless Horsemen and tries to run to the bridge he can’t supposedly cross.  Unfortunately, Ichabod disappears without a trace and no one knows what happened to him.


Before I decided to watch all the Disney films – I hadn’t see only a handful. It was these six packaged films and the two Winnie the Pooh films. I didn’t expect a lot from these six packaged films, rounded out by this movie. Some did surprise me and I enjoyed elements from each – even those I thought were awful had some redeemable qualities to them. For the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad – I was really hopeful. The Wind in Willows is a story I know and enjoy. I have seen the story been adapted well in some previous films. I was also hopeful about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Again, another story that has been adapted interesting for TV and movie. Well, I was disappointed.  This is by far, my least favourite of this era. Not for anything offensive or pacing. It is just straight up a chaotic bore. Nothing, absolutely nothing is charming, funny or entertaining about these films. They don’t have redeeming music, good animation and compelling characters.  They were almost too straight laced with these prosperous stories. Neither of these books are boring. They invoke a certain level of whimsical fantasy that neither of these shorts truly capture. The first one is talking animals doing law! The whole thing is so obscene and yet, this film manages to take any charm and kill it. It’s choppy and messy and hard to follow. It is uninteresting. I am just so meh about this film. I remember wanting it to be over from the second it started and every moment felt painstakingly long and drawn out. Very dull.

Fun Facts

  • Based on The Wind in The Willows by Kenneth Grahame and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.
  • The last studio packaged films until the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
  • From 1955, the two parts were separated for the Disneyland television series and then marketed and sold separately home video.


  • Movie will be kept in DVD collection
  • 1/10 for personal enjoyment
  • 3.5/10 for overall era

Review? Melody Time



What Is It About?

Melody time is a seven film animated shorts set to various musical numbers; similar to Fantasia and Make Mine Music.  It is the fifth packaged film made during the 1940s by Walt Disney company to keep the animation department financially viable. Starting with Once Upon a Wintertime, we follow two romantic lovers ice skating in December. The man shows off and has a near tragedy only to be rescued. Bumble Boggie is a solitary bumblebee trying to ward of a musical frenzy. The Legend of Johnny Appleseed is the telling of John Chapman going through the mid-western America planting apple trees. Little Toot is about a small tugboat who wants to be like his father, always getting in trouble but redeeming himself by saving a boat. Trees is a poetry recite as we see beautiful animated Trees and the nature surrounding it. Blame it on the Samba is Donald, Jose and Aracuan bird introduced to the pleasures of samba. Pecos Bill is about a famous Texas hero Pecos Bill raised by coyotes and became the biggest and best cowboy ever. We see how he put gold in the mountains, created the rivers and painted the hills. He falls in love with a girl who gets stuck on the moon and explains how the wolves always howl at the moon.


The recurring thing I get with Melody Time more so than the two other musical anthology films Disney does is a sense of history. This film features two songs centering around American legends – the first being Johnny Appleseed. When I first watched this film and not being from America, the legend was intriguing so I looked into further.  I think that deserve recognition. When a movie makes you interested in knowing more about the legend it is based upon. The main reason I was intrigued by the Johnny Appleseed part of the film was not the song or the actions, but the one part about being liked within the Native American community.  You may feel I speak out of terms since I’m not American, but the truth is that the history between Americans and Native Americans is not a pretty one. To claim that a pioneer was accepted in their community immediately makes me question the authentic of that claim. I had to know if there was any truth to it especially with the history of the two cultures. These claims always reveal another layer within the relationship between the two groups of people and how their society worked in these times.  The short in Melody time was a little dull, but the legend had enough intrigue to make someone want to pick up a book and learn about the past. The second was Pecos Bill – unlike Johnny Appleseed, this was by far the most outrageous. It claimed he put gold in the mountains, created the rivers and rode a twister. The most insensitive part for me was the part when he chased the Native Americans through the mountains, painting it with their tribal war paint. It was just so outrageous (the first part of the song/short) I struggled to like it and the end slowed the entire pace.  The highlights for me was Trees and Bumble Boogie. Trees was just a beautifully animated sequence – highlight artistic qualities and serenity while Bumble Boogie was hilarious and entertaining. Little Toot, by far, had the best morals of all the shorts. However, overall, out of the three, Melody Time is so average. It excels in a few shorts and everything else is okay. It’s not a bad musical anthology film. It just not particularly rememberable.  However, as each segment started fresh – it doesn’t suffer from heavy middles like some other movies and there is bound to be something everybody will like.

Fun Facts

  • Melody Time was the last feature film to include Donald Duck & Jose Carioca until Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Pecos Bill was heavily edit. They cut most of the sequences featuring Bill smoking a cigarette therefore removing the entire tornado riding scene.


  • Movie will be kept in DVD collection
  • 4/10 for personal enjoyment
  • 4.5/10 for overall era