Review? Peter Pan



What is it about?

Peter Pan is the story of a boy who never grows up. The film begins with the Darling children parents being late for a party. They become annoyed about the stories their eldest daughter, Wendy has been telling her brothers about Pan and pirates. Declaring they must start to grow up and leaving in a rush, the children are distraught. Peter plays them a visit with his pixie, Tinkerbell and whisks them away to Neverland.  The terrifying Hook is on the lookout for Peter, aching for revenge over his lost hand and is hunted by a tickling crocodile.  When they return, Tink full of jealousy over Wendy order the lost boys to shot down her. Peter banishes her and the boys run off to find the island’s Indians.  Meanwhile, Peter takes Wendy to see the mermaids and see Smee and Hook have captured the chief’s daughter, Tiger Lily. Rescuing her, Pan is honored. Hook takes advantage of Tink’s jealousy and tricks her into revealing the location of Pan’s hideout. As the Darling children grow homesick, they request to go home, wishing to take all of them back with them. Afraid of growing up, he refuses and they leave only to be captured.  Hook leaves a bomb but Tink learns of the plan and rescues Pan. They go and rescue the children with Pan combatting Hook, defeating him and flying the ship home.  They are later found by their parents and have softened slightly about them growing up.


Peter Pan is an innocent and simple film. It has a nice nature storyline that flows easily and the pacing is good. There is not one single dull moment and there are enough entertaining capturing characters for everybody. However, in saying this, I don’t really like Peter Pan. I have seen the source material adapted way better than this with deeper messages and a real transformation in all the characters. The film is too basic and too short to really touch upon any of those key moments. When it does, it feels too fake. I don’t like Tink – she is unsympathetic character and so is Pan. They are all a little too cliché and I am tainted by other adaptions to truly enjoy this film. It has one song you remember and the rest is a bit bland. The art style and animation is crisp and beautiful but everything else is a bore. This film doesn’t really stick out for me and I find myself always a little bored by the amazing adventure. There is no real thrills or laughs. It’s a very average movie.

The weird things

  • The Indian’s portrayal – Oh I realise that Disney has commit the race related stereotypes before but this film they are so obvious and so in your face. The boys want to hunt them like wild animals. They speak/sing of themselves in a somewhat detrimental way. They are very much stereotypes and the vibe that the film gives you is that they are somehow wild and unruly and that Pan is a legend for surviving on an island with them.
  • Just follow a stranger to somewhere and you’ll be fine – Yep.

Lessons Learned

  • Let your children have a childhood – I feel while it would be easy to say “it is all about growing up” – it’s not that simple. Yes, the Darling children do grow up in the way they don’t want to play pretend forever, or live in Neverland away from their parents. But the parents also realise that they are children and they should share stories, have fun and be children. It’s embracing both taking responsibility as a child but also knowing that it is okay to have fun and live in an ideal world.
  • Revenge never pays and don’t let it consume you – Both Hook and Tink go through a similar arch, with only Tink being able to get pass it. Hook is consumed by his revenge and jealousy so much he lost a hand. Tink was consumed by her jealousy that she lost her friend, betrayed him and almost killed him. She had to sacrifice her own life to try and make amends. This teaches that jealousy and vengeance are consuming habits that you will make sacrifices for.

Fun Facts:

  • Based on the play by J.M Barrie
  • The final film to be released through RKO before Walt Disney founded Buena Vista.
  • Originally intended to be the second film after Snow White but he couldn’t get the rights.
  • Peter Pan has been seen as racist due to its portrayal of Native Americans. They are displayed as wild, savage, violent and speak in a stereotypical fashion. The boys try to even hunt them as wild animals.  However, these stereotypes also present in the play.
  • Earned $7 million against its $4millon dollar budget.


  • Movie will be kept in DVD collection
  • 3/10 for personal enjoyment
  • 5/10 for overall era

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