Review? 1930s – 1949s Disney Classics…The Winners, The Losers and Final Thoughts.

Thoughts on this period…of Disney History

I have to commend the level of art that was really developed during this time. Some of the films produced had such a high level of storytelling and artistic flair that they were truly ground-breaking. Nothing like Fantasia had been done before and I don’t believe anything that good could be achieved again. Fantasia is of its era and timeless. Walt Disney had belief with the direction of what he wanted to achieve. The fact the man was willing to mortgage his house says a lot to me. The fact the company survived the Second War through making packaged films just to keep their animation department alive is resilience!  The level of animation achieved by the artists blows my mind every time. The fact they would film most of the movies in life action and recreate it all through hand drawing. The level of commitment to getting realistic animals for Bambi. This level of devotion to creating timeless films and beautiful scenes is amazing. The fact is whether you hate or love them, they were brave and their films especially Snow White doesn’t feel like an 80-year-old movie. Yes, think about that. Snow White is old and yet its core carries through generations. That scene is Fantasia with Mickey Mouse will be iconic now and for another 50 years. Every generation will cry when Bambi’s mother dies. Without this era, we wouldn’t have the rest. They created some brave movie strives and some timeless pieces. All of these movies whether I like them or not, will each mean something to someone and the legacy of them are untouchable. This era, for me show the drive and passion Walt had for the ideas. The fact he took loss and loss for Pinocchio and Fantasia but still continue. The fact he had lost animators to the war and yet continue to be financially viable for Cinderella and Peter Pan. I respect this era for Disney a lot because it was the beginning and it wasn’t an easy beginning. Today, we know Disney is a powerhouse but I think it shows in this era – that Disney always make the decision to be a powerhouse, to fight and take risks and make magic.

The Scores

SNOW WHITE 6.5 / 10 7/10
PINOCCHIO 7/10 8.5/10
FANTASIA 4.5/10 7/10
DUMBO 8.5/10 7/10
BAMBI 9/10 9.5/10
SALUDOS AMIGOS 5/10 5.5/10
MAKE MINE MUSIC 4/10 4.5/10
MELODY TIME 4/10 4.5/10

How Did They Die…. By Falling?!

  • The Evil Queen; whose hillside was struck by lightning – Snow White
  • Willie the Giant; whose beanstalk was cut down – Fun and Fancy Free
  • Lumpjaw; who was swept over a waterfall – Fun and Fancy Free

My Favourites of the Era

But Lesh…. we would already know? Oh, you think you know…too bad!


3.Snow White….

Oh, you thought it would be Pinocchio because I ranked it higher for my personal enjoyment level? Well, this is how I roll. I can like some movies more than others but overall, I flip the table and decide this is how I really like movies. Snow is third because while it is not better than Pinocchio – it has the heart for me. It is my first princess movie. It’s everybody first princess movie. It tells us that grumpy people have soft gooey centres and hey, if there is a girl in the forest maybe dead, she is the love of your life so go kiss her…. ha, nah scratch that.



You probably guess this and you are correct. I love all things with a truly sad story and dorky ears hence my partner.

And my favourite of this ERA….



Bambi is a flawless movie; you want to hate it, you remember it being way too long as a kid and you emotionally die every time something happened on screen. For such a movie about nothing, it has a lot to reflect.

My Less Favourites of the Era

I am going straight for the jugular here.


The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

Oh, you tried too hard movie and you left me bored.

The Best of The Era

Now, this is a little different. These are awarded to the films that I think were the best of this era for Disney. You might think you know, but you don’t!




2.Snow White

And the best movie from this Disney’s Era. The film I think is their best.




Oh, I know I confused you with all the hate and sleep this movie gives me. But Fantasia is one of a kind. They tried to do it not once, not twice but three times and nothing recaptured the magic that is Fantasia. They created a new sound system just for this movie. It was so expensive just to get this movie to play in the way they envisioned it. It makes kids sit through an hour of classic music and damn right, love it. Props to Fantasia.


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